5 Secret Reasons You’re Feeling Tired All the Time

It can be frustrating to wake up after a good night’s sleep and still feel groggy. Especially when that foggy, sleepy feeling can’t be shoken off all day. While diet and exercise play a major part in your energy levels, there may be some other secret reasons why you are feeling tired all the time. Find out what these culprits are.

The air in your home probably isn’t as pure as you think it should be; there can be up to 900 toxins in any given home! That may seem like a lot, but everything from cooking on a gas stove, cleaning products, perfume, carpeting and craft supplies (the list goes on) adds unhealthy chemicals to your air. Without proper ventilation and environmental control, these toxins will build up and start making you ill.
What can you do about it? Open up some windows and add a few more house plants to help filter your air. Turn on your stove-top fan when cooking and regularly clean your carpets to rid them of dust.

The air in your office may be affecting your energy levels, too. Office buildings really aren’t built to cycle in clean air and what’s challenging about your office compared to your home is you don’t have control over the air system. It’s easy for chemicals to build up in the air, air you must breath for the 8 hour work day.
What can you do about it? Take a walk at lunch, or at least try and step outside a few times a day. If your desk is near a window and you can open it, do so. Consider keeping a small humidifier at your desk to help keep the air around you moist, which in turn keeps your body’s natural defenses (your eyes, nose and musca membranes) healthy and ready to keep toxins out.

Sun exposure, aka getting your daily dose of vitamin D, is really important for keeping you energized and healthy. Our bodies produce vitamin D only with sun exposure. Since we spend 90% of our lives indoors, it’s really easy to skip out on the needed amount of sunshine. In fact, most people are vitamin D deficient.
What can you do about it? Get outside! Make sure you’re wearing sunscreen and go get some sun exposure. You’ll be getting a good dose of fresh air while you’re at it. If you’re very busy, at the very least try and sit by a window for part of the day.

Not drinking enough water will cause loads of heath issues, one of which is your energy level. Water quite literally “wakes up” the body. It kicks up your metabolism, gives fuel to your brain and hydrates you so your body can flush out toxins.
What can you do about it? Start drinking more water! Make sure to drink 16oz right after waking up to rehydrate and then keep a water bottle close throughout the day.

Drinking coffee at the wrong time of the day may be another energy-sucking culprit. While coffee has caffeine which wakes you up, your body is also producing it’s own “caffeine” called cortisol. When you drink coffee at the peak times your body is making cortisol, you will start building up a tolerance, meaning you’ll have to start drinking more and more coffee to feel awake.
What can you do about it? Your body makes cortisol right when you wake up, so hold off on the coffee for about 60–90 minutes after your alarm goes off. Your body will also produce more cortisol around noon, so wait until 1:30pm for your afternoon coffee break.
Due to all our modern-day environmental factors, managing your energy level isn’t a simple task. There are a lot of culprits to watch out for and we hope this list helps you feel a little better tomorrow.