6 Things Every Mom Must Have

We’re just going to say it: children are whirlwinds of crazy energy. We love them but dang, they can be handful! Having a kid means you suddenly need all this stuff and it can be overwhelming to know what the best stuff to have is. Luckily most of us here at Bitfinder have kids, so we put our heads together to make a list of the 6 things we think every parent needs to have to make it through the day.
1. Giggle’s Safety 1st Deluxe Healthcare and Grooming Kit

This kit packs a lot while still staying small, making it easy to carry around. It has all the essentials every parent needs on the go including a thermometer, wipes, toddler toothbrush, medicine dispenser and baby nail clippers. Everything a new parent needs in a pinch!
2. Waterproof Diaper Bag from Ika Bags

Every mom needs a good diaper bag that also doubles as a tote. Gone of the days of a sleek little clutch and here are the days of lugging around everything your child might ever need while away from the house. We love this waterproof diaper bag from Ika Bags since it’s fashionable while being practical, the perfect combo for moms and parents.
3. Awair, the Smart Air Monitor

Think of Awair as a baby monitor for your home. As we talked about here, it’s really important that the air in your nursery and your house is clean, aka free of toxins, chemicals and dust. All of this makes your child (and you!) sick, leading to increased allergies or sometimes more serious conditions like a slowed learning rate. Every home needs Awair, but especially those with young children, so you can make sure the air is safe for developing bodies to breathe.
4. Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Sure, all thermometers take a temperature, but not all thermometers are as accurate and high-tech as Kinsa. It hooks up to your smart phone and plays animated scenes to help your kid stay put while their temperature is being checked. More importantly, you can track medications of family members, see illness progression and keep records for your doctor. It can even find “pockets” of sick people (like a school or workplace) so you know when to break out that hand sanitizer. As all parent know, kids are like magnets for germs. Kinsa helps monitors and control that.
5. Woombie’s Swaddles

Swaddles are magic for moms. Just wrap your little one up and suddenly they’re sleepy. We love Woombie swaddles since they are designed so your baby can’t wiggle out of it (score!), plus they’re free of any harsh chemicals like formaldehyde. Our favorite swaddles are the animal designs since, let’s be honest, it’s fun to dress your kid up as a lion, but you only have a few good years to do that before they’ll learn how to say “Stop it, Mom”.
6. Medela Breast Pumps

Who knew breastfeeding can be so complicated? Luckily, Medela is a champion of breast pumps. When you visit their site they prompt you to take a breastfeeding quiz to figure out the perfect type of pump for you. Some pumps are geared towards mom who have a lot of down time, others are for new mom who are always on the go. Whatever your lifestyle is, these guys have it.
The list of things kids need can go on forever and ever, but we think this list pinpoints some of the parenting essentials. Now go forth and conquer parenting!