6 Ways to Gain Control Of Your Respiratory Allergies RIGHT NOW.

Uggg, allergies. They control you, your day, even your life. Maybe you have a medicine cabinet full of pills to help you breathe better or maybe you just suffer in silence. Either way, allergies are bullies and should be stopped right now. If your respiratory allergies are kicking your butt, try these six simple ways to gain back control of your life RIGHT NOW.

1. Open up a window! Fresh air does wonders for your airways. Open windows mean toxic indoor air can escape and is replaced by clean air that is easy to breathe, clears your head and results in less allergy attacks.
2. Break out that vacuum & duster. A dirty home means increased allergy attacks. If your respiratory allergies are really bad, it means you should start cleaning a few times a week instead of just one. Keeping rugs and the rest of your home free of dust and pet dander will do wonders for you.

3. Turn on your humidifier this evening to ensure your lungs stay hydrated throughout the night. There’s nothing worse than waking with with itchy eyes, a sore/dry throat and a runny nose in the morning since your bedroom air wasn’t humid enough during the night.
4. Swap out cleaning products for all-natural ones. The chemicals in cleaning products (VOCs!) are pretty bad for you. Most people with allergies are allergic to these chemicals when they are released into the air every time you clean. To take back control, try replacing your heavy cleaning products for chemical-free ones.

5. Eat a spicy meal for dinner and follow it with a big glass of ice water. Spicy foods open of airways so its easy for you to breathe. Cold water does the same things plus it can remove any triggers that may be in your throat. So grab a taco or a spicy indian dish and get to breathing better!
6. Install Awair into your home! There is no better way to stay on top of your allergy control than with Awair. It learns your needs and routines so you never have to wake up with a stuffy nose again.
Allergies don’t have to ruin your life. There are many little things you can do each day that makes a big impact on your health. Try these hacks to breathe better and live happier.