7 Unexpected Gifts for the Home

So you just got Awair, the smart device that helps you track and improve your indoor air quality. Or you’re thinking of getting one (news flash: there’s free two-day shipping until Christmas). Well, we’ve got news for you, new Awair user: monitoring your air quality is only the beginning.

Awair users tend to get obsessed with optimizing air quality. Before Awair, it was impossible to know how the air you breathed might be affecting your mood, sleep, and health. After Awair, all those invisible cues are suddenly easy to monitor in real time. Awair can diagnose the problem and tell you how to fix it, but it’s up to you to take action. Here are a few of our favorite companion gifts for the new Awair user.

1. Linen Tea Towels

Wait, are we really suggesting you give fancy dishrags as a Christmas gift? Yes. Think about it: someone you love cleans their kitchen every day with mildewy, threadbare dishrags. Unlike cotton or synthetic fabrics, linen gets softer and more absorbent over time. Best of all, it brings a certain aesthetic pleasure to the mundane chore of cleaning up.

2. Organic Cleaning Supplies

Awair tells you your dust levels are too high, so you break out the spray cleaners. But as soon as you press down the nozzle, Awair’s VOC reading lights up. You can open the windows to get rid of some of those chemicals, but it’s better to use healthier cleaning sprays in the first place. Common Good’s cleaning sprays are free of synthetic fragrances, phthalates, chlorine bleach, and ammonia. And their packaging is sleek enough that you clean leave them displayed on the countertop, where you’ll remember to use them more.

3. Wool Dryer Balls

Scented laundry products like softeners and dryer sheets emit a bouquet of unhealthy VOCs. What do to if you love soft, fluffy clothes? These wool dryer balls are an ingenious solution. More than just an eco-friendly replacement for dryer sheets, they’ll make your clothes fluffier, reduce static, keep fabric soft, and they last for years. They’re also just pretty fun. You might have to keep yourself from jumping into the laundry basket, Chuck E. Cheese ball pit style.

4. Peace Lily Plant

No matter how fastidious you are, it’s hard to get rid of all the chemicals in your home. Peace Lilies removes three of the most common POVs: formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene. It’s low maintenance, too — shade and weekly watering are all the peace lily needs to survive. Pro tip: keep it in an area of your home that’s heavily cleaned, like the kitchen or bathroom.

5. Charcoal Air Purifier

Activated charcoal is a centuries-old Japanese ingredient used for purifying air and water. The Chikuno Cube, which won the 2008 Japanese Good Design Award, is a natural air purifier made from an ultra-fine powder of activated bamboo charcoal and clay minerals. Its micro-honeycomb structure filters air particles, while its charcoal make up naturally absorbs moisture, odors, and pollutants. It comes with a wooden geometrical base to make it easy to set in any space where you want to make the air naturally pure and wholesome.

6. Wooden Humidifier

During winter, household air humidity can fall dangerously low, causing itchy, cracked skin, dry nasal passages, and even shocks from static electricity. A home humidifier can make your home more comfortable. This Mast humidifier is designed to remind you of a sailboat on the sea. Crafted from cypress wood, the sail radiates moisture as well as a sweet, lemony aroma. To use, simply fill the base with water — natural capillary action does the rest. The natural design ensures that it won’t humidify an already-humid room.

7. Coconut Body Butter

Reduced humidity and cool winter temperatures can wreak havoc on your skin. You can’t change the weather, but you can change your beauty routine. Earth Tu Face’s body butter contains no fillers, unlike standard cream moisturizers which are high in water and emulsifiers. It’s created by two herbalists who grow many of their ingredients out of an organic garden in California. Their motto? Never put on your skin what you wouldn’t put in your mouth.

If you haven’t gotten your Awair yet or are considering getting one for your friends, be sure to take advantage of our free two-day shipping just in time for the Holidays!