Awair in smart home, Part 2

What makes Awair special is it doesn’t just monitor air quality, send alerts and give tips. Awair can also work with smart devices via our open API, connecting thermostats, smart watches, fans, and much more in your building to help maintain optimal air quality automatically. Maybe you’ve got a pizza in the oven and it’s starting to burn. Awair can work with your Phillips Hue to flash the lights red when it senses that toxins are starting to build up in your kitchen’s air. We’re also currently developing on the IFTTT platform so Awair will be able to connect with hundreds of smart devices that you already use to fully complete your home automation loop, no matter which home system you have.

This is what we meant when we said we want to fit into a smart home system, not be the smart home system. There’s already a handful of great companies making great smart home systems. Nest, for instance, is making waves with its “Works With Nest” platform, a system designed to allow hundreds of smart devices to work with Nest products. It’s pretty easy to set up — all you need is at least one Nest product (Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect or Nest Cam) and a 3rd party app and after being guided through a short setup process, you’re good to go. If you have Nest Thermostat and Awair, when our unit senses the air is getting too hot for your lifestyle preferences, it’ll be able to work with your Nest Thermostat to cool the house down quickly.

Or maybe you use SmartThings, a big player in the smarthome race that was recently acquired by Samsung. We think SmartThings is a pretty cool platform since it’s basically a brain for your home with it’s hub, which can control all your smart devices in the house with your mobile device. If you’ve already started building your smart home, all you needs is the SmartThings hub to get started, but the company also sells starter kits with the hub and a handful of other devices (like an open/close sensor) to get you started. Set up is also simple since they are an open platform, meaning you won’t be restricted on the brand of smart devices you use. Unlike Nest, SmartThings has tweakable “modes” like Home, Away and Night that automatically sets your home up for these situations. Let’s say you’ll be using SmartThings with Awair. You can work Awair’s sleep preferences into SmartThings’ Night mode to make sure your bedroom air is perfect for sleeping — every night. This platform really allows for a lot of play and customization, which we love.

Some of you are holding out for Apple’s HomeKit, and we don’t blame you. HomeKit’s big “sell” is that it will let you use Siri to control your house with just your voice, something we’ve seen in movies for years and are really excited to try out in reality. Apple keeping rather hush-hush about it. Most buzz you’ve been hearing is about smart device developers making their products HomeKit enabled. Some speculate that AppleTV is going to play a big part in the HomeKit, maybe even being the hub, which would allow you to control Siri (and therefore your whole house) through AppleTV when you’re away from home. What we do know is that you’ll be able to set scenes like SmartThings has modes. For instance, if you work from home, you can say “Let’s get to work, Siri”, Siri will recognize that scene and start setting it with Awair to make sure your air is optimal for productivity, telling your Philips Hue to change the light color out for one that allows you to focus and what ever other commands you had programed into the scene.

So, we know not all devices are smart (yet). We’re working on a special project to allow “dumb” devices, like your regular ol’ ceiling fan, to be smart so they can work with Awair. Don’t use any smart devices? That’s ok! We really meant it when we said we designed Awair with the user in mind. Because of Awair’s advanced sensors and user-friendly app filled with tips and information from Mayo Clinic, you can still get the full benefits of Awair even if it’s the only smart device in your home or office. Remember, Awair is smart, so it learns your preferences and lifestyle routines over time to create the perfect indoor environment for you, automatically. The more you use Awair, the more you’ll also develop healthy air habits to stay healthy for a lifetime.

If breathing well, having less allergy and asthma attacks, maintaining healthy skin, feeling more energized, sleeping better, staying focused and keeping healthy is important to you, then Awair will be your new best friend.
Use Awair in any indoor space you spend a lot of time in, be that your home, office, or both. Do you travel frequently? Take Awair with you to keep in your hotel room. You are what you breathe, just like you are what you eat. Awair is the best smart device to help you breathe good, healthy air.
Yours truly, Ron