Awair is Now Available on Amazon UK!

We’re excited to announce that Awair is now available for purchase on Amazon UK!

Awair tracks toxins and chemicals in your air and gives you personalized recommendations to help you stay safe and healthy. With Awair, you'll be able to...


In the Awair app, you’ll be able to see the levels of chemicals, CO2, dust, humidity, and temperature in your home. Awair compiles all the information about your air quality into simple graphs that are available in weekly and daily views.

Awair provides you with a real-time Air Score for the five types of air quality factors. Select the Air Score in the Awair app to find out what your score means, and what you can do to keep the air in your home safe and healthy.


In collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, Awair gives you personalized recommendations that are proven to improve your air quality. 

Awair also works with other devices like Nest and Alexa to automatically keep your air clean and healthy. 

Breathe Easy

Awair is here to help your home become the healthiest and safest space possible.

Do you live in the UK and already own Awair? You can now tell us your experience so far in the comments on Awair’s UK Amazon page — we’d love to hear from you!