Bitfinder: Changing the way we breathe

In 2013, Kevin Cho and I began to work together in a garage in Cupertino, California. All we needed was very basic utilities such as a desk and a 3D printer, to begin working on our early ideas for Bitfinder, the company we would eventually launch together. It was our shrine. It was our little place to break things, dream, argue, and worried about our future (all the time). But we never doubted that we’re onto something. We were determined to create something that the world can benefit from and, after many days of breaking things and tinkering with many ideas, the concept for our first product, Awair, was created.
Kevin and I both have children that suffer from asthma and eczema. These respiratory system and skin issues affect our children’s daily lives with dry, itchy skin and constant coughing. We’ve tried multiple remedies to control these issues, but all basically resulted in much frustration and the terrible feeling of not being able to help them, so we became determined to find the solution. We all sleep, work, and go about enjoying our lives in many different ways. Well, in order to do all this, we need to eat, drink, and be healthy! And to be healthy, we should eat good food, stay active, and smile (a lot).
Yes, Air! Then, there is something we don’t pay too much attention to but something that we do all the time to keep us alive. Breathing. Yes, breathing! Did you know that we take about 20,000 breaths every day? It’s what keeps us alive. We don’t pay a lot of attention to it, but we should. The air we breathe at home, work, or in the subway affects how we feel. It can cause us to feel relaxed, energized, or uncomfortable at times. While we eat and drink only a few time a day, we breathe constantly. You just breathed. Right now. I believe that understanding what we’re breathing into our bodies and reacting smarter to our environment is an important step to lasting healthy lifestyle.
We’re building products that will help us make smarter and healthier lifestyle choices. And we’re excited about that. Stay tuned and join us in our mission to help us breathe smarter.
Ron @ronbjro
Co-founder and CEO