Building A Better Air Quality Monitor

We set out to build Awair — the smartest air quality monitor for your connected home — because what we really needed wasn’t available on the market. Faced with real concerns about air quality and wanting a future-looking solution, we saw that there was nothing to meet our needs. Instead, there were air quality monitors spitting out fuzzy data, most of which didn’t have the capability to be part of a real solution.

There were many iterations of Awair (including a portable version!) but our path to our final product was very intentional. Here’s are a few of the key features of the smartest air quality monitor on the consumer market:

1. Five Distinct Sensors

Unlike most consumer-level air quality devices and other gadgets that claim to measure air quality, Awair has four separate sensors that individually measure different facets of air quality (plus a light sensor so it knows when you’re sleeping). The discrete measurement method is the best way to get accurate, precise data.

If you’re particularly sensitive or have a health condition, the “predictive” muddy data that other air monitoring devices on the market serve up just does not cut it. While we weren’t going to be able to match the $10,000 industrial grade machines, but we knew we could make something better than what was available.
We call this our TrueSense Technology: it means our product is one of the only air monitors with the hardware needed to generate real data on Temperature/Humidity, CO2, Dust and VOCs.

2. Solution-Driven Connected Device

We designed Awair as a connected device — meaning it connects via WiFi to both to your phone and to our server — to make it a) more useful and solution-driven as well as b) future-proof.

The connection with the app allows you to monitor your Awair from anywhere. The app also allows us to give you much more data than can fit on the device itself. The solution cards in the app provide direction and guidance to address your air quality issues.

The connection with the server opens up new areas of functionality and features. It ensures that your Awair can be part of the solution in automating your home. Soon you’ll be able integrate your Awair with air purifiers, air humidifiers, Nest, apps like IFTTT — and so on. As technology marches forward, your Awair will be ready.

3. High Quality Construction and Intuitive Design

Awair has been featured in various design magazines and publications — Dwell, Icon Magazine, Design Milk, designboom, to name a few — but it’s more than just a pretty box. It’s high-quality and designed with form and function in mind. Our dedication to quality and smart design extends from the easy app installation process to the physical build of the device itself.

For example, Awair is constructed with real, handcrafted high quality North American Walnut timber. It was much more difficult to produce than a plastic mold, but we wanted a product built to last and to look great doing it’s job (see Awair being made in the video below!)

We also decided to include a LED screen with an intuitive, easy to use display for ease of use. While it was an extra cost, we knew from user research that people like getting data from the app, but don’t want to feel chained to it. The display means you can check your current air quality “at-a-glance.” For us, great design is all about form and function backed by research— including the LED display is just one example of that.

We’re proud to be the best smart air quality monitor in the market, and there’s a lot more to come. We’re building a product that’s meant to last, so we hope you’ll join us in our mission — to help everyone live, work, play and breathe better. Get to Know Your Air with Awair. Find out more (or get your own!) at Also feel free to reach out to us with any questions at

Until next time, Jenn