Connect Awair With Your Nest, Amazon Echo, Or IFTTT

Our newest integrations with Nest, Echo and IFTTT help keep your home and office environment clean and healthy.

We are excited to announce that Awair is now integrated with Amazon Echo, Nest, and IFTTT to help you track and improve your indoor air quality.

Get Smarter Ventilation

Having trouble sleeping at night? This could be due to rising CO2 levels in your bedroom throughout the night. The Awair + Nest integration helps you automatically ventilate your air when CO2 concentrations rise too much.Simply connect your Nest with your Awair to make sure the air in your room stays fresh throughout the night.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Quickly find out ways to improve the air around you with just a few questions. Simply ask Amazon Echo about ways you can improve your home environment. You will get suggestions about how to control your VOC and dust levels without ever having to push a button. You’ll even be provided with recommendations for products that can help you further purify your air.

Control Your Environment

Make your home truly personalized. With many different custom recipes, you can maintain the perfect environment to suit your needs. This integration will allow you to set specific triggers to control the temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and much more in your home. You can also customize the notification settings so that you are alerted right away when something in your air changes.

For more information about these exciting new integrations and how to use them in your home please visit our website. Get an Awair device now and freshen up your air!