How Air Is Making You Cranky

Gone are the glory days of mood rings. As children we knew that blue meant we were sad and yellow was happy and life was simple, but as adults we can struggle to understand our moods. If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably asked yourself things like “Why do I feel so cranky today”, “Holy cow my head hurts, everybody better leave me alone” or “I had 3 cups of coffee — why am I feeling so moody and sleepy?” Wished you still had your mood ring sometimes, don’t you?

While there are many obvious factors in life that attribute to moods like a stressful week at work or having a little too much at happy hour the night before, there is a lesser known culprit at hand. The air you breathe plays a really big part in your mood. Your indoor air can be filled with toxins called VOCs. These toxins range from Formaldehyde, Benzene and Methylene chloride, which you probably know are really bad for you. Constantly breathing in all these toxins results in health problems and a lot of crankiness. So, how do you know if your air is behind your bad moods? Your air may be behind your bad moods if you…

  • Feel cranky and moody for no reason.
  • Walk around with a head fog all day.
  • Feel like you are hungover but you didn’t drink anything the night before.
  • Have a headache that won’t go away with caffeine, pain killers or more coffee.
  • Have that “icky” feeling you get right before you’re about to get sick, but this feeling lasts for days.

These bad moods shouldn’t be written off as just a bad mood. Breathing in clean air is really important for healthy living and, well, being happy. Nobody wants to live in a constant bad mood. So what can you do about it?

The easiest and most efficient way to monitor your air quality and subsequent mood swings is to install Awair in your home and/or office. Awair almost acts as a modern day mood ring. It monitors your air and knows when all those pesky mood altering toxins are building up. It then alerts you and gives you tips on how to feel better right away. If you have a headache caused by the air, it’ll let you know so you don’t treat the problem incorrectly with pain killers or coffee instead.

Don’t be that guy who is always cranky. Take control of your air and health again so you can be happy.