Introducing Awair's Sleep Report

Is your air keeping you up at night? Over ⅓ of bedrooms have air that is unhealthy for a good night’s sleep.

Sleep Report, the latest feature on the Awair app, gives you a personalized overview of your sleep environment as well as tips to help you get a healthy night’s rest.

With Sleep Report, you’ll be able to...


Wake up every morning to an analysis of the air in your bedroom as you slept. Sleep Report compiles your overnight air quality data and gives you a concise summary of your air the night before, so you can understand how the air in your room is affecting your quality of sleep.

Sleep Report focuses specifically on how your air affects your quality of sleep, and lets you know how healthy your air is with an updated Sleep Score. Your Sleep Score is separate from your Awair Score and will analyze your air with your sleep quality in mind.


Sleep report will help you create the best environment for a healthy night’s sleep with personalized tips and recommendations based on your room’s air quality. Learn a new tip every morning to help keep your room safe and healthy for a good night’s sleep!


Sleep Report is available today for both Awair and Glow via the Awair app, so you can get started on creating the perfect environment for healthy sleep!

You can enable Sleep Report in your device Settings.

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