School Absences Due to Asthma: The Role of Indoor Air Quality

How often are school absences due to asthma? Unfortunately, the answer is: it's very common.

Mar 21

Why I Joined Awair

In December, I joined Awair as a key advisor and board member. I first became interested in the...

Mar 10

Keep Your Child Safe from Unhealthy Indoor Air at School

It’s been a tough year for parents and school kids. Both have endured a historic disruption of...

Mar 1

Share the Air (Quality): Introducing Display Mode

Building health safety has always been important, but it has never received as much public...

Feb 11

Safety Now Requires Real-Time Data: How Webcor Uses Awair + WELL v2

Webcor, a commercial construction general contractor with divisions in concrete, drywall, and...

Feb 3

Why Awair Will Lead IAQ in 2021

Investing in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has never been more important or more top-of-mind than...

Jan 5

Share the Gift of Health this Holiday Season

Dec 14

Is Indoor Air Quality Making You Tired on Thanksgiving?

Every year on Thanksgiving we find ourselves in the same pattern: eating much more than we...

Nov 26

Winter Indoor Air Quality: Preparing for the Cold Months Ahead

We know. It's difficult to believe the winter solstice and the holiday season are already here. ...

Nov 19

Awair's iOS 14 Widgets Have Arrived!

We're excited to announce the release of Awair's iOS 14 widgets! Our indoor air quality monitor,

Nov 11

Take Control of Your Indoor Air Quality This Wildfire Season

This year’s wildfire season is record-breaking. In the US, millions of acres of land and...

Oct 22

How Does Wildfire Smoke Impact Indoor Air Quality?

To better understand the impact unhealthy outdoor air quality has on indoor environments, Awair...

Sep 29