Pre-order update #4

Hi friends and supporters!

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your continued excitement and support for Awair. We’ve had a tremendous response to our product and we owe that, in large part, to our extremely supportive community. If you’ve been following us on Twitter (@getawair), you may already know that big stuff is happening over here! But we also wanted to take a moment to update you all with an accurate timeline of what’s to come. We have some big news — some exciting and some things we just want to be clear about beforehand.

Production and Shipping Update:

Awair’s expected ship date is early December 2015! For some of you, it’s been a bit of a wait, but the bottom line is we’ll be providing a better product for you, with more features and better functionality. We wanted to make sure we’d be delivering the high-quality product we promised. Furthermore, as our early backers, you will be the first users of Awair — ever, anywhere. Once we are done shipping to you, then we will begin fulfilling orders at other places like Amazon Launchpad.

We began producing our first batch starting this Monday. Manufacturing reliable products in production volumes is a complex endeavor. Even in our earliest design stages, manufacturability aspects have been taken into account. We’ve searched the world to find the best sensors, highest quality wood and the most capable teams. Thanks to these efforts, we’ve developed fail-safe methods, including systematic incoming inspections and comprehensive testing to ensure consistent, timely delivery.

We spent great amounts of time ensuring maximum accuracy in sensing. We’ve built a chamber to go through another step of calibration for every single board of the pre-calibrated sensor. We also (finally) found a perfect place to locate the sensors (“pre-order update #1″ 링크 넣기!!) to provide enough space for natural airflow and consistent readings.

Once the board is made, we assemble it along with a plastic cover as well as a wooden frame — made of carefully selected solid, high-quality North American walnut timber which is then dried and handcrafted with extreme attention to detail. The last step is to put it inside eco-friendly packaging with the Quick Start Guide, wrap it carefully, and get it ready to go.

Feature Update

Here a sampling of some of the features we’ve been working on:

  • Secure, Seamless Installation: Creating an easy, seamless set-up process was a priority for our team. We made the decision to use both Bluetooth technology and WiFi to get you up and running quickly and securely. The use of Bluetooth provides a much more reliable and secure setup than a WiFi-only solution. We also included a pin code to add a layer of security that is often missing in internet-connected devices.
  • Display Modes: We’ve heard loud and clear that how much you wanted to see more information displayed on the device. Well, here it is! We added a new feature so now you can enjoy three LED display modes on the Awair device: Awair Score, Dot Light, and Clock modes. The default is Awair Score, but you can always change it in your App Settings. We are curious to know what will end up become everyone’s favorite feature. Obviously, you will be the judge! Feel free to reach out to us to let us know your thoughts!
  • Knocking Feature: There is a new beta feature called “Knocking,” which we are testing due to feedback that people really enjoyed interaction with the device itself. When you knock on the top of the wood frame twice, the secondary display will show for 10 seconds before going back to the original display mode. Knock twice, firmly and distinctly, on the top, middle of the wood frame, and enjoy the mode switching!

Other notes on decisions that were made:

  • Unfortunately, we decided to roll out with just the iOS app released for now. There was a Bluetooth issue with Android device that is causing some delay. We’ll keep you posted on the progress we make.
  • Lastly, we’ve decided to focus only on US and Canada for the time being. So if you’re from outside of US/Canada and want to order more Awair devices, make sure to place your orders within the next couple of days.

In our next email, we’ll start collecting your shipping address and provide more updates on the app so stay tuned!

Yours truly, Ron