The 8 Worst Jobs for Your Lungs

Ahh, the daily grind. Another day, another dollar and another 40 hours trapped in unpredictable air quality. For some, offices are actual offices, but some are labs, construction sites, fields or shops. Some of you work in “offices” that have clean air, but some of you are working “offices” that may be harming your lungs. It’s true. Just like there are better paying jobs, there are better offices to work in and breathe in.

Top 8 Worst Jobs For Your Lungs

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1. Fast Food Restaurants

Ever look behind a Taco Bell counter and notice how there are no windows and everything is really crowded? Fast food workers typically spend their day hunched over a fryer, a grill or an oven preparing food. These machines are releasing chemicals and particles that are bad to breathe in. If a worker isn’t cooking, they’re cleaning tables and thus breathing in even more chemicals. Since there aren’t any windows in the back to open, fast food workers are trapped all shift with these toxins and harming their lungs.

2. Factories

Just like in fast food, factory workers spend hours at a time working next to heavy machinery that’s producing and emitting toxic chemicals, dust, and particles which are all terrible to be breathing in.
3. Construction

Construction is another terrible job for the lungs since you spend hours on hours drilling, sawing and building with all sorts of materials from wood to concrete to plaster. The particles and dust from everything is very easy to breathe in and very bad for lung health.
4. Bartending

Did you know that your bartenders are at risk each evening? Even though in most states in America it is illegal to smoke in bars, that rule isn’t in every country. Inhaling second hand smoke can lead to loads of health problems!
5. Housekeeping

If you’re a housekeeper, you are spending the day indoors and working with heavy cleaning products and constantly kicking up dust by vacuuming or dusting. This means you are inhaling tons of chemicals and dust each day. Your lungs are suffering!

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6. Farming

Farmers also get the short end of the stick for lung health. Despite spending more time outside than other jobs require, farms are full of animals kicking up hay, dust and other particles. Farmers are also exposed to toxins and dust when spraying their fields each spring and harvesting them each fall. You’ve probably driven by a corn field and seen a farmer harvesting the crop and leaving a huge trail of corn powder dust behind him. Well, that’s what he’s also breathing in.
7. Artists and Art Teachers

Artists and art teachers are also at risk since they spend their days around paint and marker fumes, clay dust, photography developing chemicals and charcoal. Even the creative types can be at risk for inhaling bad things into their lungs.
8. Firefighting

Firefighters are one of the highest at risk jobs for not only lung health,but overall health and safety. Burning buildings are burning more than just the wood the house is made of. Any house fire is also burning plastic, cleaning products, metals and fabrics. The brave men and women who work in and around that space are inhaling all the fumes that results from the fires, which are all terrible for the lungs.
What to do about it:
Wear a face mask while working to limit the amount of toxins you can breathe in.
Frequently get outside for breaks or open a window, if possible, to let clean air in.
Install a smart device like AWAIR to monitor your office’s air quality and discover tips on how to improve the building’s air.
Make sure to keep your work space clean from dust and chemicals.
Each job has pros and cons, but if your job’s con is resulting in poor lung health, it’s time to know about it and take action.