The Financial Benefits of Air Quality Monitoring in Corporate Offices

Maintaining workplace indoor air quality can have measurable benefits—Awair Business can help you improve employee wellness, productivity, and your bottom line.

Increase Cost Savings

Save up to $15,500 per employee per year.

Boost Building Efficiency

Achieve up to 79% HVAC energy savings through indoor air quality best-practices, such as improved ventilation.

  • The World Green Building Council noted that adjusting HVAC controls to enhance air quality and human health resulted in up to 79% energy savings. Many offices unknowingly air condition when outdoor ventilation is sufficient—Omni can help determine when mixed-mode and natural ventilation methods can be substituted for energy savings.

Improve Workplace Performance

Employee productivity and cognitive ability can increase by up to 50% for both open and closed floor plans

  • A Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health study showed offices that decreased their carbon dioxide levels from typical office conditions of 1,400 ppm to Awair Recommended Levels had a 50% increase in cognitive function scores on tests.

Increase employee attendance: Lower absence rates by 35% by maintaining a healthy and safe environment.

  • A report released by the World Green Building Council found that workplaces with healthy indoor air experience 35% fewer absences from short term sick leave, and suggest maintaining carbon dioxide within the Awair Recommended Levels to ensure adequate ventilation.

Additional Benefits

  • Foster productive and effective meetings in conference rooms.
  • Compete for top talent by offering a robust employee wellness package.
  • Create customized environments to meet employee needs.
  • Increase employee trust and assurance by leveraging advanced health technology.
  • Reduce the impacts of cold and flu season by maintaining an optimal environment for human health.

Make Your Office More Air-Conscious

Awair helps businesses track indoor air pollution and empowers them to create safer, healthier, and more productive environments for employees. To learn how Awair can help you gain a competitive edge, follow the link below.

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