How Awair Element Helps Me Manage My Asthma

I have been managing my asthma my entire life. As a child, I spent many nights in the ER....

Aug 31

Introducing the Awair AQI Map

We're proud to announce the launch of the Awair AQI Map, a novel way to compare indoor and...

Aug 23

Indoor Air Quality: The 7 Invisible Factors that Impact Your Health

While it’s easy to visualize “air pollution” as images of cars idling or toxic gases coming out...

Aug 5

Home Preparation Guide: Hurricane and Wildfire Season

While it can be easy to view extreme weather events as only impacting the outdoor space, this is...

Jul 20

Share the Gift of Health this Holiday Season

Dec 14

Winter Indoor Air Quality: Preparing for the Cold Months Ahead

We know. It's difficult to believe the winter solstice and the holiday season are already here. ...

Nov 19

Take Control of Your Indoor Air Quality This Wildfire Season

This year’s wildfire season is record-breaking. In the US, millions of acres of land and...

Oct 22

Minimize House Dust to Protect Your Health, Now and in the Future

Long-term exposure to high concentrations of fine dust – specifically a size of particulate...

Jul 16

Curious About IAQ?

TFW you see an acronym you don't understand. We’ve all been there. For those new to indoor air...

Apr 17

WFH Tips to Stay Healthy & Productive

Are you working at home part-time or full-time? We’ve compiled a few air quality tips to help...

Mar 20

3 Air Quality Factors That Increase Your Risk of Infection

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, more people are stocking up on hand sanitizer, staying...

Mar 2

6 Glow C Smart Plug Holiday Hacks

Add a little magic to your holidays with these six seasonal Awair Glow C Smart Plug hacks.

Dec 18